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JOAWA is the latest ISO 9001 2008 Certified, we are now applying ISO/TS16949 Certification.

In all the manufacturing process, JOAWA focus on the quality, we care for customer requirements and the product special characteristics, set the control plan
accordingly and implement in the process, normally we utilize quality tools: APQP, CP, MSA, SPC, CPK, PPAP, KAIZEN & PDCA.

We test the mold in scientific way, like Mold Viscosity Test, Gate freeze test, Filling balance test , Cooling test and 4-8 hours production running to verify and validate the tooling productivity.
CMM Equipment and Optical Measurement Systems to verify Mold Components and Molded Parts.

Quality Policy

Quality is our top mission without compromise. We take initiative to understand customer's requirements for ensure customer satisfied. we're insistent on the continuous improvement,strive for excellence to exceed customer's expectation.

           Samples inspection tool microscope                                                IQC
                  Part inspecion using CMM                                                      ISO9001

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